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Ticket #343: Diffusing a 4th of July Bombshell

The Problem:

There are certain times of year when your deployed systems simply must work. The day of your client’s big 4th of July party for example. Unfortunately for one of our partner companies, their client’s system failed at this most inopportune time. We received a call from this client at 8:11 PM on July 4th. The frustration was palpable as the client explained to us how she rarely uses the system, and whenever she did there were problems. Clearly exasperated, she stated “I’m so disappointed right now”.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage and Basic Support:

Within 5 minutes of receiving the message a OneVision team member had called the client to gather some more information, and let her know we were hard at work to resolve the issue. By 8:28 PM (within 17 minutes of receiving of the initial call) we had thoroughly documented the symptoms. Our first course of action was to remotely reboot the Control4 and Sonos components through the use of an on-site Ihiji appliance.

From our end these reboots appeared to resolve the issue. We followed up at 8:38 PM, and a couple of times in the days that followed but did not hear back from the client regarding this issue. In situations like this we make it a point to follow up diligently. But seeing as this was not a life-safety issue, and we don’t want to risk annoying a homeowner, we eventually assume no news is good news and that the problem has been resolved. We thoroughly logged the relevant information for historical reference, and closed the ticket.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

This issue never had to be escalated to our partner. OneVision was able to diffuse the situation through a virtually instantaneous response to the client. We then proceeded to resolve the issue within 30 minutes of the initial phone call.

Our partners had an admittedly more fun role: enjoying the 4th of July stress-free with their families.  

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