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Ticket #382: Importance of Quick Diagnosis

The Problem:

No matter the nature of the support incident, providing top-tier service requires that we resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes the fix is as simple as a quick device reboot. Other times there’s a bigger issue at fault. A quick and accurate diagnosis is key, as was the case when we received this recent support request on a Saturday afternoon.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage and Basic Support:

The homeowner gave us little to go on in the initial email, stating only that the Apple TV would not let him “get into anything”. Following our troubleshooting best practices, we immediately  attempted further diagnosis through remote access, but found that we were unable to log into the system. We quickly let the homeowner know there was likely a correlation between this and the issue with their Apple TV. We didn’t hear back until the next morning when the homeowner confirmed our hunch stating that their internet was in fact down.

To streamline our communication with the homeowner we made a brief call to our partner’s on-call tech to confirm a couple of site details. We then leveraged FaceTime to help the homeowner quickly locate the modem / router and perform a hard reboot. Following the OneVision model of providing best-in-class service, we then took our time walking the homeowner through a thorough review of both their iMac and Apple TV to ensure functionality had been restored. This step instilled confidence in the homeowner, and minimized the likelihood of follow up support calls.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Due to the pacing of homeowner replies correspondence on this issue ended up spanning a couple of days with multiple calls and emails. However our integration partner had very minimal involvement. Our prompt communication and quick diagnosis impressed the homeowner, who expressed gratitude for our handling of the situation. Meanwhile our partner’s team got to relax over the weekend while we held down the fort.

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