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Ticket #41: Be the One-Stop Shop

The Problem:

The importance of positioning your company as a one-stop shop for technology service and support is a theme you’ll hear often on this blog. We believe firmly that this value proposition unmistakably differentiates our industry from other service providers.

Moreover, a single point of contact for all tech support needs is in increasing demand in today’s device-centric world.

Case in point, this recent ticket involving a TiVo box, a simple fix, and Comcast’s unwillingness to help…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

A homeowner called our support line at 9:48 PM on a Thursday. The gentleman and his wife had been attempting to enjoy their evening with a movie on Netflix when the screen suddenly froze. Their first instinct had been to call their cable provider who had either been unable to help.

After a few quick questions it came to light that the homeowner was using a 3rd party TiVo box as opposed to one given to them by their provider. Our OneVision specialist quickly walked them through a hard reboot of the TiVo, which immediately resolved the issue.

It’s our belief that even an entry-level, tier-1 support provider at the cable company could have suggested this fix. But the fact is they didn’t, because they can’t. They are handcuffed to supporting their own devices, a fact which often leaves their customers in a bind.  

The homeowner was very appreciative of our quick reply, and that he and his wife could get back to their movie. This incident clearly illustrates that a single-point technology manager provides a valuable service that the vast majority of homeowners will readily pay for.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner never had to get engaged. Their Thursday evening was spent quietly, with their respective families. Meanwhile OneVision provided their clients with an instant response, and an immediate solution that allowed them to get back to enjoying their evening together.

Contact OneVision now we can help provide you with more uninterrupted moments…

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