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Ticket #462: Putting Your Homeowners at Ease

The Problem:

Here at OneVision we get our fair share of support requests over the weekend, often within hours of a big event or party kicking off. As an integrator you can relate. In these instances the single most important step is to put everyone at ease, as was effectively illustrated on one of our recent support incidents…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

OneVision received a call Sunday morning from a homeowner requesting help, stating that their Spotify was not working. While working with the homeowner to diagnose the problem, she mentioned she was having a party in a few hours and had created a Spotify playlist for the occasion. However when they tried to access the playlist via their control system / media server they were greeted with a spinning icon, and would ultimately have to select ‘cancel’ to get it to stop.

Before diving into full diagnosis mode our specialist quickly assessed the broader system and presented a workaround. By walking the client through the process we were able to demonstrate that using the Spotify app in conjunction with AirPlay presented a viable alternative. Clearly relieved to know of this option, the client thanked us but asked that we continue working on the media server as he wasn’t a big fan of the audio fidelity of AirPlay. We ended the call by telling him we’d do some remote diagnostics and get back to him within the hour.

As we dove into the logs we saw that the media server had fallen offline earlier that morning, but had now recovered on its own. We called the homeowner back and, sure enough, Spotify was now working. By looking at the logs we were able to assure him that this appeared to be a fluke, as the data showed the media server had only done this once before, months prior. He agreed to take a watch-and-see approach, thanked us for the help, and also for presenting an alternative workaround in the event the issue resurfaced.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner and his team never had to get engaged, instead being able to enjoy an easy Sunday with their families.  We handled the call, provided instant triage, and ultimately saw the incident through to resolution. As we always do, the details were thoroughly logged for future reference.

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