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Ticket #48: Addressing the Real Problem

The Problem:

Although there is never a good time for a system failure to occur, the day of a homeowner’s big party is arguably the worst. This was the case when were contacted recently by homeowner experiencing an internet outage on the day of her baby shower…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a voicemail at 8:28 AM on a Saturday. The homeowner stated that her internet was down. Several reboots of the modem / router had already been attempted to no avail. The party was only hours from starting. Comcast had kept her on hold to the point that she had hung up in frustration. She needed help!

A OneVision specialist called her back within 5 minutes of receiving the message. Through research on our end it quickly became apparent Comcast would ultimately have to provide the solution, however we had a plan to address the realproblem.

As in all service incidents, the disruption to her life was a much bigger concern to her than the tech itself. In other words, she cared less about the internet connection being broken than she did about the emotional issue of not having music for her baby shower. To address this problem we successfully walked her through the use of her local iTunes library in conjunction with Sonos. While she was aware this function, she hadn’t realized it would work without internet!

Her relief at knowing she could have music for the baby shower undeniable. We proactively followed up a couple of days later. Comcast had arrived that Monday and determined that a squirrel had chewed through her incoming line. Replacing the line had fully resolved the issue.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner never had to get involved. Their homeowner had received an instantaneous response on a Saturday morning, a fact which she greatly apprecaited. Even though there was nothing that could be done technically, short of Comcast getting involved, we were able to successfully address the root-problem, giving the homeowner music for her baby shower, while our partner got to enjoy their Saturday morning coffee in peace.

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