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Ticket #5915: Pinpointing the Issue

How we help our Partners get right to the root of the problem, avoiding time-consuming diagnostic work

The Problem:

In many cases, the process of remote troubleshooting can resolve issues through straightforward steps like device reboots. However, even in cases where remote troubleshooting fails to resolve the problem, the process can be extremely valuable in helping to pinpoint the cause of the technology failure. This can reduce time-consuming diagnostic work by your Advanced Support team, arming your highly-skilled internal resources with the information they need to solve the problem in the most efficient way possible. This fact was highlighted perfectly during a recent support event for one of our partners…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a phone call at around 3pm on a Thursday. The homeowner stated that when they tried to turn on their TV “nothing was happening” no matter which source they selected. Through our Instant Triage℠ process, a OneVision specialist gathered accurate information about the symptoms. We also dug in and found a number of video distribution devices, including an HDMI matrix, showing offline through our RSM appliance.

After a remote reboot of the matrix failed to bring it back online, our specialist sent the client a picture of the unit and asked her to have a quick look for it in the rack. Easily identifying the device, the homeowner stated that all of the lights and the built-in LCD screen were dark. After determining that the homeowner was comfortable trying the next step, we had her rule out an issue with the outlet by trying a different plug.

Confident in our diagnosis of a failed HDMI matrix, we escalated the ticket to our Advanced Support team, along with detailed notes of our troubleshooting steps.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner engaged with the client, confidently outlining next steps without having to expend their valuable resources on time-consuming diagnostic work. Knowing that the matrix, which was still under warranty, had failed, they were able to take necessary steps with the manufacturer right away.

The vital information that our Basic Support team provided enabled our partner to expedite the process of getting their client back on track in the most efficient way possible. This saved our partner money and spared their client from undue frustration.  

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