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Ticket #602: When the Power Fails

The Problem:

It’s likely you use some form of power conditioning / battery backup on every one of your projects. But in spite of your best efforts a regional power outage can still wreak havoc on your deployed systems.

Point in fact a regional power outage was the culprit on this recent support incident. We received our first notification at 4:37AM that a touch panel had lost its connection to the network.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage and Basic Support:

Throughout the remainder of the evening over 60 more notifications were generated from this site. Clearly something had gone very wrong. We took decisive action right away by remotely rebooting all of the system controllers.

We then sent a proactive email to the homeowner alerting them to the issue, and outlining our plan to get them back up and running. She thanked us for reaching out and let us know that a large thunderstorm and resulted in a regional power outage the night before.

For a system failure of this magnitude we knew that our integration partner needed to be notified right away as we began troubleshooting and addressing the issue. We contacted them immediately and began a system review, rebooting devices and checking on statuses throughout the home. During this process a member of the OneVision stayed in constant communication with the homeowner who was also reviewing the system by going to room-by-room and reporting the results.   

Through this collaborative effort we were able to restore functionality to over 90% of the system on the same day without a truck roll!

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Two of the touch panels at the home refused to reconnect, so a site visit was scheduled by our partner company to have a look later in the week. In spite of the severe nature of this system outage our partner and their team barely had to lift a finger. Instead we were able to de-escalate the situation while they slept through the night and started their day.

Most importantly the homeowner was very appreciative of the proactive outreach, and the highly attentive response of our support team. Our immediate response turned what could have been a very frustrating incident into a shining example of top-tier service!

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