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Ticket #687: Same Problem. Third Time!?

The Problem:

As an integrator you know that there are times when your clients emotions will run high. The period during, and immediately after, a substantial system repair for example. This was the scenario when we received a frustrated email from a homeowner complaining of no picture on the TV…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage and Basic Support:

The email came in on a Sunday evening stating: “…same problem for the third time. TV has sound, but no picture”. In stating “third time” the homeowner was referring to an incident less than 6 weeks prior. The previous problem had manifested itself in a similar way, and had required a substantial system hardware replacement. The homeowner was assuming this repair had failed. He was clearly frustrated and wanted immediate action.

A OneVision specialist replied to the Sunday evening request immediately. Within minutes we were on the phone with the homeowner walking them through some basic troubleshooting. Through a few simple questions we determined that a simple reboot of the cable box was in order. Because this particular site did not have remote reboot capability, we carefully walked the homeowner through the process of finding the power cord, and performing a hard reboot.

Lo and behold this immediately fixed the problem. Realizing that this incident was the result of an errant cable box, and unrelated to the previous repair, the homeowner’s demeanor shifted immediately from frustrated, to highly appreciative.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

OneVision successfully resolved this incident without any need for advanced support. While a cable box lock-up is completely beyond an integrator’s ability to control, an immediate response is often necessary to de-escalate the situation. OneVision was able to provide this response, while our partner, and their employees, got to enjoy a quiet Sunday evening with their families.

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