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Ticket #761: A Bad Time for a Password Change

The Problem:

Even homeowners with the best intentions can occasionally cause self-inflicted pain when it comes to technology. Fortunately we are here to help, as was the case in this recent involving a big event, and an ill-timed password change…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a distressed phone call from the homeowner at 6:43 PM on a Friday. She had a big party starting in just over an hour and her streaming audio service of choice (Pandora in this case) was not working. All of her attempts to resolve the issue had only been met with frustration.

During our initial conversation she happened to make a comment about changing her password earlier in the day. We of course followed up on that point right away. She said the music had stopped working later in the day. We knew instantly that the system had stopped working because it had outdated credentials.

This would be a simple fix, but time was of the essence! We gathered the new password from the homeowner and got on the horn with our partner company’s on-call technician, whose skills in this case were required to resolve the situation because of the programming changes involved.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Because our OneVision specialist had already accurately diagnosed the issue, and gathered all the relevant details to resolve it, our partner’s involvement was quick, and straightforward. They remotely accessed the music server and updated the credentials. Following this update they remotely loaded an instance of the homeowner’s user interface and were able to verify that Pandora was now properly loading. Success!

Our OneVision specialist called the client back, who was thrilled to have the issue resolved in time for the party (under 25 minutes from the original call in fact!). She got to return her focus to preparing for the big event. Our partner quickly got straight back to their Friday evening adult beverage. And OneVision got to chalk another one up in the win-win column!

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