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A guest of the Women’s Lunch Place in their technology room.

Supporting each other and the communities in which we live is a OneVision value hanging on the wall.  While individually we contribute to our communities in a variety of ways, as a group we’ve been able to find ways to give, that impacts our community AND utilizes our skill sets – a win, win.  

Supporting consumer technology comes with underlying responsibility of assisting our clients through properly disposing of their tech when it’s no longer functional or they want an upgrade.  We take great care in making sure we securely delete all data using a regimented protocol that ensures the data is irretrievable.  But when the data is gone and the hard drive is replaced, what do we do with all this unused-but-still-functional tech?  We donate it!

In our quest to donate refurbished technology to awesome organizations and the people who they support, we’ve been truly excited to partner with the Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) in Boston, MA. From their website:

The WLP is a safe, day community for all women who are experiencing homelessness or poverty.  WLP strives to meet guests’ most basic and immediate needs while coordinating and delivering critical support services to help women achieve greater stability and self-sufficiency.

OneVision works with their technology support services, providing iMacs, iPads, and MacBooks for the guests to use during their stay, which they use to help them apply for jobs, write resumes, attend school, and take care of personal matters which require an electronic resource.  

Elizabeth Keeley, Executive Director of Women’s Lunch Place recently had this to say about OneVision’s donations, “Today, I went to an event at NECAT for students to present a sample of their cooking. Marie, a guest of WLP who received a a laptop from you prepared an appetizer from her native Haiti. She would not be where she is in her studies without your generosity.”

Thank you Elizabeth and the WLP staff for working with us to make this relationship successful and to our clients who make this possible.  A special thank you to the women of the WLP for their courageousness and ability to overcome disparity – you’re our SHEROES!

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