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Collaborative Teamwork Yields High Impact Results

We work as an extension of your team to optimize performance, maximize efficiencies and drive client engagement. Our Partners depend on this deep level of engagement and support our revenue-share business model which is tied to the growth generated through our partnership. 

A Unique Model

"When I was an Integrator and began charging high-net-worth clients for service, I realized that in the future, when everyone could afford home tech, client demand for service would soar."


"The future is now."

–Joey Kolchinsky, OneVision Founder & CEO

The OneVision approach makes it easy and economically feasible for Integrators to jumpstart their Service offering.

It’s a construct that yields high satisfaction ratings with clients, tangible upside for our Partners, and an equitable return on our investment in your business. 


A win/win for all involved. 

Courtship Before Marriage: Becoming a Partner

We invest in your business and partner with you every step of the way. So, it's important we know a lot about each other before things get too serious.


You have to invest time and money to build a high-performance service business operation. Before you commit to working with OneVision and before we can take you on as a new Partner, we go through a tad unorthodox sales process. 


The journey yields informed decisions for both parties and well-calibrated partner expectations for a smoother onboarding experience. 

Interested in learning more?

Payton Hillman

“OneVision offers a complete package. They have Service operations so well thought out, it was almost like buying a turnkey business franchise.


For us, why start a new business and go through the time and expense to figure everything out on our own when we could adopt a proven concept with a proven process, information, and team? With OneVision we got everything needed to light up our Service business, something we’ve seen integrators work on for years, in a matter of months from start to finish. The value was incredible.“


Maitland & Katie Fritzley

Infinite Home Theater

Payton Hillman

“Prior to working with OneVision our service was ad-hoc. Now, we can grow our service offering and really drive that side of the business forward. More importantly, our customers are really appreciative of the service — relying on our own team members wasn’t sustainable and we wanted to take the pressure off our organization. Now with OneVision, we’ve freed up people’s time to do other things while delivering a consistent experience for customers, a real win for us.”  

Bill Simpkins

IGS Homeworks

Payton Hillman

"With OneVision, you’re not just hiring a service department, you’re bringing in a business partner. We’ve leveraged the team’s experience and ideas, philosophy and approach. Now, nothing is getting bogged down and the whole process ensures issues don’t fall through the cracks. Best of all, since we began working with OneVision, Service has moved from being a loss-leader to a profit-center."


Bob Bobo & Todd Wilcox


Payton Hillman

“OneVision has been a turnkey partner, providing the process and the marketing materials needed to make our service offering stand out from the crowd. Our whole staff has been trained on the process so everyone in our company is aware of how Integration Controls provides service to its clients. This enables better conversations with clients and follow-through, thus giving me the confidence our clients are being taken care of by my team. This affords me the time I need to focus on other aspects of our business. I've been impressed with the responses we've gotten from clients and I really appreciate OneVision’s feedback loop, which is designed to ensure we’re transparently aware when either partner is doing well - and when we’re not. Together, we're tracking our time better, collecting on invoicing more proactively, and as a team, working more efficiently across the board, which has enabled us to do better work - and add clients - without hiring more people.”


Jamie Briesmeister

Integration Controls

We Invest in Your Business.

​The transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and requires substantial investment. And for busy Integrators, that’s scary and nearly impossible to accomplish alone. 

With shared skin in the game, we can accelerate deployment and drive greater impact across the business. We help Integrators nail the non-install/project stuff integral to running a successful service business.

All in, we provide millions of dollars worth of technology, human capital, expertise, and resources to optimize a Service operation at a fraction of the cost by subsidizing Partner fees.

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