is complex.

keeps it simple.

OneVision keeps it simple.

What we do

Personal tech should enrich your life without frustration. OneVision can make that happen.

We offer a lifestyle service, proactively designing and maintaining all your tech in an optimal manner.

Your time is valuable

OneVision Certified

We want to keep tech disruptions to a minimum and maximize your enjoyment — that’s why we established OneVision Certified.

OneVision Certified means your tech has been configured to our standards, properly documented, and optimized to ensure streamlined maintenance. As a result, we can guarantee an incredibly fast response time.

We standardize your tech with OneVision Certified hardware, software, and services. And we work directly with hardware manufacturers, software developers, and service providers to improve their products for the benefit of our members.

Become a OneVision Member and enjoy the experience.


Welcome Aboard

We first want to understand you and your personal tech. How do you use your computers, mobile devices, and smart home systems? What’s giving you trouble? How can we simplify your tech, so it can then simplify your life?

Learn about our process
  • Streamlining Your Technology

    From the start, we apply the OneVision Standard to your tech — optimizing your accounts and services, organizing files and folders, backing up content, syncing and sharing data, fixing glitches in your systems, and much more. Along the way, we document everything meticulously; these records are yours to keep.

    Now that you’re on board, we can serve you quickly and efficiently whenever you need us, often without having to schedule an in-person visit. There’s quite a lot we can do remotely.

    What about training?
  • Training ... If You Want It

    How well do you want to understand your tech? If you just want to know the basics, that’s fine — we won’t burden you with details.

    But if you want to learn more, OneVision offers training customized to your interests. How can you make it safe for your child to use Facebook? What software is best for managing your many passwords? How can you easily access your home security cameras while traveling?

    With OneVision, you can be as hands-on or hands-off with your tech as you like. We keep it running smoothly and pounce on any glitches as soon as they arise because we want you to enjoy your tech-enabled life.


In the Home

You’re building or renovating a home (or maybe have something much smaller in mind). Now’s the time to plan ahead so that it’s easy to manage your TVs, sound system, lighting, climate control, security, and more.

Next steps ...
  • Tech Bliss

    OneVision can help you achieve a state of tech bliss through home automation. We start by discussing your needs, laying out what’s possible (with all the pros and cons), and getting a sense of your budget. Then, we propose a detailed plan with blueprints to fulfill your vision.

    Once your plan is defined, we oversee all aspects of its execution. Think of us as the general contractor for the tech portion of your new home. We coordinate the efforts of everyone involved — architect, electrician, carpenter, etc. — so you don’t have to. Go ahead, exhale ...

    Settling in to your new home
  • Always There for You

    After you’ve settled in to your new smart home, OneVision will continue to make adjustments based on your feedback. As a member, you can count on us for ongoing preventative maintenance with discounted hourly rates and guaranteed response times to your calls. If you’re hosting an important party or going to your vacation home, let us know in advance so we can visit to confirm everything is running smoothly.

    Ideally, we’ll have built your technology from scratch so that it’s OneVision Certified from the start. More realistically, as the various tech in your life requires troubleshooting or upgrading, we will try to adapt it to our standards so we can consider it OneVision Certified.

    As a OneVision member, we guarantee that your peace of mind will always be our top priority.


Away from Home

You’re heading out on a European vacation with your family. Since you’re a OneVision member, we already took care of a few things to make your trip trouble free.

Here’s what we did
  • Thinking Ahead Pays Off

    OneVision set up your calendar to display your travel plans — flight, car rental, hotel, and more. When you arrive at the airport, you automatically receive a text alerting you that the departure gate has changed. That saves you a few valuable minutes.

    To make the long flight more pleasant for your kids, we loaded their iPads with plenty of videos. Because happy children make for a happy you.

    How do we keep you connected?
  • As If You Never Left

    You don’t want to give up your smartphone just because you’re traveling abroad. No worries — OneVision set up your international calling plan well before takeoff.

    We also helped you set your house to “vacation mode.” Automated lighting controls make the house look occupied, while automated temperature controls maximize energy efficiency. Your cameras record any activity for you to review later if necessary.

    After the plane touches down on your return flight, you turn the home’s heat back up from your phone. It’s toasty warm when your family walks through the front door — the perfect welcome home.


Something Goes Wrong

You get back from a meeting and realize your iPhone is missing. It might have slipped out of your pocket at the restaurant or in the cab. Whatever the case, it’s gone.

What do you do?
  • There When You Need Us

    Fortunately, you’ve signed up for 60-minute response time with OneVision. Here’s where it really counts.

    As soon as you let us know, we attempt to locate, disable, and wipe your phone for security. If we can’t recover your phone, we pick up a new one and restore all your data. Since we have your credentials on file, we can make sure your photos, apps, email, contacts, and calendars are synced up and working properly.

    OneVision delivers your new iPhone to your door within two hours of your call, and you’ve barely missed a beat.

    Getting you back on track
  • In Case of Emergency ...

    Over time, you contact us with other tech problems. Your Internet connection goes down. Your lighting system fails. Your printer is on the fritz. No matter what, OneVision comes through with timely, expert service.


Your Needs

We believe all OneVision members need the same things from us: excellent tech design, superior support, and a great attitude. But some people need all of that faster than others. So we created a tiered membership platform with different response times and on-call hours.

Additional Services
  • Accounts and Systems Management

    OneVision also offers optional add-on services, such as:

    • Active System Management: We proactively update and monitor all the tech in your home. Computers, mobile devices, smart home systems, and even thermostats can all benefit from routine updates and attentive monitoring.
    • Account Management: Accounts are everywhere these days for things like phone/cable/Internet service, entertainment, data backup and more. You rely on these accounts every day, but an expired credit card or missed payment can shut them down. Don’t let administrative issues hold you back.
    Need something special?
  • Other Service Options

    OneVision can also work with your business to:

    • Extend the IT team by providing our services to executives at home.
    • Deliver add-on benefits to members of private travel clubs and charter services.
    • Augment the family office and similar organizations that cater to client families.

How We Got Started

At the age of 17, OneVision founder Joseph Kolchinsky first began handling tech issues for a successful businessman with an interest in innovation. His first project was converting his client’s CD collection to MP3s. Soon, Joey realized he’d found a promising niche.

Learn more
  • Growing the Company

    Throughout high school and college, Joey continued to serve his one client’s family. With that client’s mentorship, Joey learned to be an effective advisor, systems designer, and tech manager with a focus on simplicity, transparency, and staying a step ahead.

    In 2008, he launched OneVision to devote all his efforts to premier tech management for individuals and families. Today, our team serves satisfied members throughout Greater Boston and wherever their lifestyles take them. Together, we work to manage your tech with a sense of urgency and attention to detail.

    Want to know our secret?
  • It Comes Down to Trust

    Long-term relationships require trust — and that’s what we strive to earn from every OneVision member.

    Behave ethically and honestly. Everyone at OneVision knows to do the right thing, and the team’s incentives are aligned with our ethics. We’re 100% transparent with our actions, pricing, and processes.

    Reliability and maintainability matter most. We’re loyal to our members, not to brands. We don’t seek out the newest or priciest. Rather, we recommend solutions that have a history of dependability and are easy to fix or replace.

    Obsess over member satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier. We study the psychology of tech anxiety. And we combine it all in a smart, proactive approach to managing your tech.


Working Together for You

A great member experience takes a team effort. The OneVision team is comprised of professionals across our personal tech, home/commercial systems, health and finance/operations group



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