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Current Openings

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  • Professional Development 

  • Commuter Benefit Program for Boston employees

  • Team Socials (mostly virtual, these days!)

  • Travel & conference opportunities

  •  Competitive salaries

  •  Unlimited vacation / sick time for non-support positions

  •  Work-from-home flexibility (we're 100% remote)

  • 100% company-paid medical insurance premiums w/ company-funded HSA's

  • Optional dental/vision

  • Company-paid ST Disability

  • Employee-funded 401K 

  • Competitive wages

  •  Stock options

  •  Unlimited vacation / sick time

  •  Work-from-home flexibility

  • 100% company-paid medical insurance w/ FSA+HSA

  • Optional dental/vision

  •  ST + LT disability

  •  Professional development

  •  401k

  •  Transportation program

  •  Dog friendly

  •  Lots of team socials

  •  Pseudo-healthy snacks

  •  Travel & conference opportunities

Perks & Benefits

Not why you work here, but nice to know it's there.

Vision, Mission & Values

We challenge the status quo to source our own conviction.

In the near future, families will have Technology Managers the way businesses have IT managers.


We're building the foundation for that future and pioneering the support experience in the home, making sure the Internet of Things doesn't become the Internet of Broken Things.

We are deeply passionate about what we do, the problems we solve, and how we solve them. We have a vision we believe in, challenge the status quo to source conviction, and have a mission we're committed to.


Join our crazy team and let's do amazing things together.

Check out our values.

Do they align with yours? If so, you might be an excellent fit!

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