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Help Navigate COVID-19

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The COVID-19 epidemic is upon us. These are unprecedented times and all parties will be impacted—clients, employees, and vendors, both locally and nationally. The CEDIA industry specifically is in a unique position—the demand for labor is changing across segments of the business (we service critical infrastructure and home technology is now more important than ever) requiring everyone to adapt.


We developed these resources to help integrators adapt quickly with internal, client-facing, and financial plans to manage the immediate crisis and the changes underfoot.


Depending on how we react in the coming days and weeks, we will either be playing catch up when all this is over or we will hit the ground running and continue where we left off.  We hope this data room will do its small part in helping our industry accomplish the latter.


While this epidemic continues, OneVision will commit to keeping this data room updated.  If there’s anything you want us to focus on, drop me a line by filling out the form below and responding to the email you’ll get from me.

Joey Kolchinsky

Founder & CEO, OneVision Resources

What’s in the data room?  

Currently Available



  • Financial Response Plan

  • Client-Facing Response Plan

  • Internal Response Plan

  • Recommended Client Assistance Program and Email Announcement


Templates + Policies

  • Template Letter to Government Officials re: Shelter in Place and Including Integrators as Essential Service Providers

  • Template Client Questionnaire pre Site Visit

  • Template Work from Home Policy

  • Template Daily Update to Keep Remote Teams Engaged



Coming Soon...

  • Template for Vendor-Provided Financial Assistance Program

  • Government Program Tracker for Financial Assistance

  • Industry Vendor Program Tracker

  • Risk-Mitigation Plans for Key Man Risk Due to Sickness

  • How To: Presenting Salary Reduction Plans to Employees

  • Idea List for How to Be Productive During Down Time

...and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions you may be grappling with.  You will find detailed plans and resources in the data room addressing each of these and much more.


As we thought through all the problems integrators will need to engage with we developed the following three-part framework to organize the concepts: financial, client-facing, and internal operations.

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