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  • Jason Griffing

CEDIA Podcast: Create Lasting Change

Change is hard; navigating it successfully is what separates the best companies from everyone else. Recently, our own Jason Griffing was invited onto the CEDIA podcast to discuss this important topic. During the interview, Jason shares proven processes from the disciplines of change management and behavioral science that you can use to navigate changes of any type, size, or complexity. Key ideas discussed include:

  • Finding the bright spots: How we tend to gravitate toward focusing exclusively on problems and why it's critical to broaden our focus to include what is working.

  • Clarify your thoughts with writing: The power of the written word to produce better ideas and superior results.

  • Pre-mortems: A simple exercise to identify big problems before they happen, solve them while you still have time, and skip the heartburn later.

  • Restraining vs driving forces: Why pushing the team harder is rarely the best answer to a stalled change initiative and what you should do instead.

  • Nudges: How small, thoughtfully-timed prompts can yield outsized returns when it comes to helping your team embrace change.

  • And much more...

Check out the full episode here or wherever you download your podcasts!

Interested in diving deeper? Register for our Create Lasting Change webinar on August, 27th @ 11 am ET where we'll explore these concepts and more in-depth. You'll come away with actionable strategies you can use to successfully lead your company through the difficult process of organizational change.

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