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  • Joseph Kolchinsky

Our Tenets: Three Rules We Hold Sacred

On January 18th, 2024, there was a major industry announcement related to service and RMR. We're not here to disparage competitors, so forgive our being a little cryptic. Suffice it to say, opinions about the release in the industry were mixed, and that's putting it mildly. We received a bunch of questions and requests for comment following the news. So we took the opportunity to share a few things on social media about what makes our approach at OneVision unique. We felt like what we shared was important enough to give it a permanent home on our blog. We hope you agree...

We’ve been pioneering service and RMR solutions alongside some of the best integrators in the business since 2016. Through this journey, we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that to be successful, there are three tenets that we have to keep at the core of everything we do.

Tenet 1: You, the integrator, own the client relationship:

We believe your relationship with the client is sacred; nothing should ever come between your brand and your customers. That’s why we uphold strict white-labeling standards. Everything we do, from client support, to marketing, to recurring payment processing, is done in your company name. As far as your clients are concerned, OneVision doesn’t exist. And we like it that way.

Tenet 2: You, the integrator, are in control of the service experience:

One size does not fit all. Your business is unique, and your client’s service experience should reflect that. So we work tirelessly to bring you flexibility when it comes to how your service plans are structured, priced, and presented to clients.

Tenet 3: You, the integrator, should never be locked in:

We believe you should never feel trapped by your suppliers. That’s why we remain steadfastly vendor-agnostic; the brands you choose to sell and install are up to you. Additionally, your client data—including billing information and service history—are yours to keep if you ever decide to go in a different direction.

Full transparency: We didn’t always operate with these tenets at our core. But we’ve listened, and we’ve changed, and integrators are taking notice. The release of our Flex Support Packages last year marked the dawn of a new day at OneVision. Low startup costs, no long-term commitments, and zero cancellation fees make us easier to do business with than ever before.

So if recent industry developments have you thinking about service and RMR, or if it’s just been a while since you checked us out, we’d love for you to give us a look. We’re on a mission to be the CI channel’s most flexible, most integrator-centric provider of support and RMR solutions.

Want to learn more? Shoot us an email at :

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