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Introducing Flex Support Packages

New entry-level packages make it easier than ever for integrators to get started with OneVision’s award-winning remote support and recurring revenue solutions.

August 29, 2023 — OneVision, the pioneer in service solutions for integrators, is thrilled to unveil its innovative new Flex Support Packages. These packages mark a significant leap forward, making it easier than ever for integrators to get started with OneVision's award-winning remote support and recurring monthly revenue (RMR) solutions. OneVision’s new entry-level Flex packages anchor around the company’s white-label, vendor-agnostic support, enabling integrators to route 100% of their inbound service requests via phone, email, or text to OneVision's friendly and knowledgeable 24/7 remote support team. Select Flex Packages also include access to OneVision’s RMR solutions including subscription management, recurring payment processing, direct sales support, and custom-branded marketing/sales tools including an online portal for clients to view & activate a membership.

In partnership with a leading group of integrators from across North America, OneVision has spent the last seven years perfecting solutions for every facet of the service challenges that integrators face. Core to their approach has traditionally been to go “all in”, working hand-in-hand to help integrators execute a complete overhaul of their service operations in one fell swoop. This approach has proven transformative for a select group of integrators who are seeking rapid and comprehensive change in their service departments. Other integrators, however, may prefer to take a more iterative approach, addressing specific pain points such as the need for enhanced support and gradually layering in additional services, such as RMR generation, specialized training, and comprehensive implementation over time.

OneVision's new Flex Support Packages address this need head-on by making core elements of OneVision’s industry-leading service platform available in the form of various packages designed to meet the differing needs of integrators as they progress on their service-transformation journey. For the first time ever, integrators can now choose from a curated set of support and recurring revenue solutions, selecting a package designed to meet their unique needs.

OneVision’s new Flex Support Packages come in four tiers: the “Base” support package is an optimal choice for integrators looking for an effective entry point to improve their client support, or for those who already have established RMR programs in place. The company’s “Growth” and “Accelerate” packages layer in additional support for marketing, selling, and managing RMR. And with OneVision’s full-platform experience, including unlimited access to customized implementation, coaching services, enhanced RMR-marketing, and more available in the form of their “Premier” package, integrators can be confident that OneVision will always have a solution that is right for them as their needs grow and evolve over time.

“As a former integrator, I know firsthand how difficult and frustrating it can be to deal with the constant distractions and fire drills that service entails,” says Jason Griffing, OneVision's Director of Product. “By making it easier to get started with OneVision, we hope to help integrators everywhere to bring sanity back to their businesses, ease the service burden on their teams, and better serve their clients.”

“We have benefited tremendously over the years from OneVision’s comprehensive approach to service, so we were thrilled when they invited us to collaborate with them on how to make their solutions more accessible to a wider variety of integrators,” says Bryan Mills, President of Mills Technologies. “With the release of their new Flex Support Packages, anyone struggling with service owes it to themselves to give OneVision a look.”

As the service landscape continues to evolve, OneVision is committed to ensuring that integrators, regardless of their size and unique needs, can take confident strides toward providing elevated client experiences, reducing employee burnout, and generating meaningful recurring revenue streams. Take the first step in transforming your service approach by visiting

OneVision provides award-winning service solutions to CI professionals, enabling integrators to elevate their client experience, restore work-life balance, generate recurring revenue, and eliminate the constant distractions of service. With its new Flex Support Packages, OneVision empowers integrators of any size to get started on the path to success with service. Questions? Contact

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