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ProVision Ticketing App Press Release


The release boasts new features, a streamlined user interface, and improved overall performance.

Boston, MA—May 17th, 2022— OneVision, a leading provider of service solutions for the custom integration channel, introduces a new version of their ProVision Ticketing App—a solution designed to give front-line service teams easy access to the tools and information they need to deliver world class service. Redesigned from the ground up based on user feedback, the ProVision Ticketing App boasts new features, a streamlined user interface, and improved performance. The ProVision Ticketing App is an extension of OneVision’s innovative standalone ProVision software, which acts as a central hub for managing service operations. The new and improved ProVision Ticketing App further compliments OneVision’s award-winning service and RMR generation platform.

Having information and tools scattered across multiple different apps is an endemic challenge in the integration business, all too often leaving service teams scrambling to find what they need when a client calls for help. This results in inefficiencies for the business, frustration for employees, and a negative impact on the client’s service experience.

The ProVision Ticketing App solves these problems by placing critical client information, site documentation, and service tools right within the shared ticketing system that OneVision and their partners collaborate inside of. This ensures that all members of the joint service operation have easy access to the tools required for providing a knowledgeable, friendly, and cohesive support experience, every time.

“We realized that a ton of time was being wasted by service teams bouncing between multiple apps to find what they needed” says Jason Griffing, OneVision’s Director of Product. “The ProVision Ticketing App was built specifically so that these team members could spend less time chasing their tails and focus more on taking great care of clients.”

Critical service information surfaced by the ProVision Ticketing App includes:

  • User details: contact methods, current service level, terms-of-service acceptance status, and more.

  • Project details: current stage and important dates such as completion and warranty start/expiration.

  • Site documentation: Simple forms to view and update system information to assist in the troubleshooting process.

The ProVision Ticketing App also includes easy access to a robust set of service tools, allowing team members to easily:

  • Share a Client Self-Service Portal: Direct clients to the ​​Client Activation Flow, an online portal where they can accept the terms of service, browse service plan options, receive recommendations, book a consultation, and activate a service plan.

  • Send marketing emails: Easily launch a templated email to clients educating them about their service options, including premium plans.

  • Request follow-up from membership sales: Quickly flag conversion opportunities for later follow up by OneVision’s dedicated team of membership sales professionals.

  • Initiate Ticket Reviews: Instantly request a quality assurance review of a service incident, providing feedback and opportunities for continuous improvement of the service operation.

“The ProVision Ticketing App has been a hit with my team,” says, Richard Quinones, President of SB Comm. “Having all of the tools and information we need right within the ticketing system saves us time and helps us deliver the kinds of service experiences our clients have come to expect.”

The ProVision Ticketing App is included as part of OneVision’s comprehensive service platform. To learn how you can modernize your service operations, visit today.

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